Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madonna's Beauty Secrets

celebrity beauty secrets
How does Madonna do it? She’s 50 years old and has the body of a 20 year old – just what is her celebrity beauty secrets - Madonna?

Well, first off, this mother of three children is super rich and can afford to stay this thin and in shape. She is a fitness queen for sure and applies a strict diet regimen and workout routine to stay this great looking.

So what is her celebrity diet secret? She works out for two to three hours a day practicing Ashtanga yoga, pilates, cycling, weight training and swimming. Included in this difficult regime are two workout machines called a Power-Plat and a Cardio Wave. For us mere mortals that have to work at a real job, we would never be able to invest this amount of time on a daily basis for working out.

Added to her workout regime, Madonna follows a strict macrobiotic diet. She does not dine out often in restaurants because as she says, “You can never be entirely sure what’s on your plate”. A macrobiotic diet consists of organic vegetables, fruits, grains and natural sugars. . The macrobiotic diet eliminates such foods as oils, dairy, processed food, sauces and spices which all help to contribute to weight gain and bloating. It is also high in phytoestrogens which is healthy for women when they are approaching their later age. A macrobiotic diet is difficult to follow if you don’t have the income to buy the foods required for this diet, the special pots and pans needed to prepare the food and it would help if you had your own chef to help prepare these menus.

Besides her diet secrets, Madonna is rumoured to use an anti-aging snake oil cream which costs about $1,000 per jar. She smoothes on the cream regularly at 8:00 p.m. every night. She then places herself in a body bag to sleep in to help fight the battle against aging to keep her skin soft and smooth.

Some of these celebrity beauty secrets would be hard to follow for people that don’t have the incomes of the stars. Beauty takes time, energy and money, but we can learn from the celebrities and adapt their beauty secrets to our life.

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