Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrity Diet Secrets

Do I have to share this celebrity beauty secret with you?

It’s the latest diet trend the young celebrities are following just to look good in front of the camera – a near starvation diet which could be a severe health risk. However, what do they care? So what's the latest celebrity diet secret?

This latest diet involves eating next to nothing and drinking only caffeine and energy drinks just to keep a level of energy up. Does this celebrity diet secret work? Well, yes, if you like to look like a concentration camp victim. I suppose clothes drape well on these prisoners of Hollywood, but I don’t like the look. Clothes are looking kinda like what they look like on a clothes hanger.

A healthy diet for losing weight should consist of, if you are counting calories – about 1200 calories a day. If you are dieting with low carbohydrates, eat no more than 78 carbs a day. Those diets work, but what we might be dealing with here in Hollywood is a lot of cases of extreme anorexia. Whatever!!!!!!!

The long term consequences of this new diet is brittle bones, dry, dull, broken hair, thin papery skin and major damage to your organs, but what do they care – ya can’t see the organs, they’re inside. Severe starvation also causes heart attacks, comas, liver and kidney failure. Hmmm…. Is it worth wasting away? Dunno, it’s up to you.

I like the stars who manage to answer the reporters who question their rapid severe weightloss with answers such as, I’ve been stressed lately or I have a high metabolism. Ya, whatever! Geesh!

Eva Herzigova used to look so good, formerly nice breasts, nice enough to be a "Wonderbra" model. She's lost so much weight and lost those nice boobs and now she needs to get breast implants to get back to her former beauty.

Tori Spelling has lost so much weight, she's like the rest of those diet queens, looking a tad freakish! Me, jealous? NOT!!!!!

Lara Flynn Boyle - all I can say is: Eat something for god's sake!!!!!!!!!!

I guess if you have unlimited cash, you figure you can always fix the after effects that severe dieting inflicts on your body with plastic surgery, maybe a little organ donation ‘ll do ya, too. Me thinks, they look awful. Not a celebrity beauty secret I really wanna share with you. But if you’re looking for celebrity diet secrets, well, I guess this is one of them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not the Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secret

celebrity beauty secrets carmen electraSize does matter, especially in Hollywood. If you want to be a big female star here, you literally need to be one. From taking screen tests to walking on the red carpet, you need to stick out if you want to beat the cut throat competition among the starls here. Breasts are the biggest symbols of a women’s sexuality. Nowhere else is this more true than in the tinsel world of Hollywood. Celebrity beauty secrets these days almost start and end with who has had the latest boob job and which looks best. From the numerous ‘miracle’ natural cures to breast implants and breast augmentation surgery, actresses are willing to try out anything that will literally and figuratively make them stand out.

Breast augmentation is a multibillion dollar industry by itself. But successful actresses don’t have a problem when it comes to breast implant financing. Actresses can and do pay for the best plastic surgeons to do the best job on celebrity boobs. A large amount of credit for the craze for a voluptuous figure has to go to Hollywood. When it comes to looks and fashion trends, celebrities have always been our role models. It is all the more so in today’s highly fashion conscious world. Almost everyone wants to have a torso like that of Carmen Elektra. Once she got breast implants to improve her breast size from B-cup to a C-cup, her career also zoomed. From gracing the covers of Playboy to landing a role in the popular Baywatch television series, her case proves the point that size does, after all, matter in Hollywood.

celebrity beauty secrets Pamela Anderson
Another Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, is also good example of what breast implants can do to your career. Her exaggerated proportions have made her an international figure in every sense of the word. Celebrity beauty secrets are no longer the closely guarded secrets they used to be. In fact, many actresses are quite open about their enhanced assets. Tara Reid and Courtney Love immediately come to mind. Former Spice girl, Victoria Beckham is another name which we immediately think of. They have openly admitted having gone under the surgeon’s scalpel. Then there is the case of many others who are rumored to have undergone breast augmentation surgery at some point of time or other. The names list is long.

The bigger the better, seems to be the current motto in Hollywood. Bigger, better and improved breasts cannot be hidden in Hollywood. That is not the point, the point is to display what you’ve got. Show the children. Boob jobs are not the biggest kept celebrity beauty secret after all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do Celebrity Diets Work?

Many people want to lose weight but most simply are lost when it comes to selecting a diet program. The majority of consumers always want to know what the Celebrities eat, what are their celebrity diet secrets and how they manage to lose weight. But do all Celebs lose weight with the secret diets? Or is there another magical formula that only they know?

Recently in the news, Oprah herself claimed that she was overweight. Well she did not need to tell the world, she already looked overweight. And it is hard to believe that Oprah had a personal body trainer and she is also has a dear friend by the name of Dr. Phil. Dr Phil infact, has a diet book written by him- so would you not think that if Dr Phil's diet was that great, he would have told Oprah about it? It was Oprah after all who made him famous. Well, the news is out now- Oprah has new personal body trainer, and of course, Dr Phil is not included in her weight loss program. That should tell you a lot about celebrities and their diet books.

So what about celebrity diets, do they work? Well the answer to this question is difficult. For one thing Celebs do watch what they eat and they also exercise, some, like Madonna, to an extreme. Others have hired personal trainers. What the consumer has to remember is that many celebrities endorse a particular diet because they receive a lot of money (this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars). So they get paid to look good. Most consumers simply gravitate to a celebrity who looks great and has endorsed a particular diet. The other point to remember is that many Celebrities endorse diets which are every low in calories or carbohydrates.

Diets less than 1200 calories a day are close to starving on a daily basis. Most people cannot sustain such diets for more than a few weeks. Also remember, Celebrities do not have to work, they can stay at home, relax, watch TV and they lose weight. But they also exercise. Just because a celebrity endorses a diet does not mean they are 100 percent committed to it. On the outside yes, but at home they may eat whatever they want and still maintain a decent body weight.

In recent years, celebrity endorsed diets have gathered a lot of criticism among health care professionals. In many cases, the diets are not nutritionally adequate and not sustainable. Remember, just because a celebrity talks or endorse a diet does not mean they know what they are talking about.

Hollywood is a very competitive place to be. Celebrities have to remain thinner than the rest of us, to look good on camera which is rumoured to add about ten pounds to a person’s weight. But all Celebs do know one thing - to keep the endorsements and film offers coming in, they have to be thin and pretty. This is not really a celebrity diet secret, it is generally achieved through a lot of hard work and discipline.