Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do Celebrity Diets Work?

Many people want to lose weight but most simply are lost when it comes to selecting a diet program. The majority of consumers always want to know what the Celebrities eat, what are their celebrity diet secrets and how they manage to lose weight. But do all Celebs lose weight with the secret diets? Or is there another magical formula that only they know?

Recently in the news, Oprah herself claimed that she was overweight. Well she did not need to tell the world, she already looked overweight. And it is hard to believe that Oprah had a personal body trainer and she is also has a dear friend by the name of Dr. Phil. Dr Phil infact, has a diet book written by him- so would you not think that if Dr Phil's diet was that great, he would have told Oprah about it? It was Oprah after all who made him famous. Well, the news is out now- Oprah has new personal body trainer, and of course, Dr Phil is not included in her weight loss program. That should tell you a lot about celebrities and their diet books.

So what about celebrity diets, do they work? Well the answer to this question is difficult. For one thing Celebs do watch what they eat and they also exercise, some, like Madonna, to an extreme. Others have hired personal trainers. What the consumer has to remember is that many celebrities endorse a particular diet because they receive a lot of money (this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars). So they get paid to look good. Most consumers simply gravitate to a celebrity who looks great and has endorsed a particular diet. The other point to remember is that many Celebrities endorse diets which are every low in calories or carbohydrates.

Diets less than 1200 calories a day are close to starving on a daily basis. Most people cannot sustain such diets for more than a few weeks. Also remember, Celebrities do not have to work, they can stay at home, relax, watch TV and they lose weight. But they also exercise. Just because a celebrity endorses a diet does not mean they are 100 percent committed to it. On the outside yes, but at home they may eat whatever they want and still maintain a decent body weight.

In recent years, celebrity endorsed diets have gathered a lot of criticism among health care professionals. In many cases, the diets are not nutritionally adequate and not sustainable. Remember, just because a celebrity talks or endorse a diet does not mean they know what they are talking about.

Hollywood is a very competitive place to be. Celebrities have to remain thinner than the rest of us, to look good on camera which is rumoured to add about ten pounds to a person’s weight. But all Celebs do know one thing - to keep the endorsements and film offers coming in, they have to be thin and pretty. This is not really a celebrity diet secret, it is generally achieved through a lot of hard work and discipline.

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