Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celebrities and Cocktails

The Art of Parties and Staying Slim

What is the celebrity beauty secret the stars all seem to share about weight control and alcohol? Whenever people get to see celebrities either in movies, at hotels or at some resort spot, each time they appear to be sipping a cocktail. Parties, parties, parties which all gives us a fair amount of celebrity gossip in the media. But are not cocktails full of calories? Sure they are, but Celebs do not gain weight in most cases.

Most people seem to think only desserts are full of calories. Well, apparently, Celebs have the inside information to cocktails and know that they are packed with calories but if one drinks the right one, the weight disaster can be avoided.

During this time of the year, there are endless parties around each block and asides from eating and drinking, there is little else to do. Almost every party serves exotic cocktails. Cocktails act like an aphrodisiacs for food. You drink a little, then you eat some nuts; drink more and eat some dessert and so on; and by the time you realize it, you have over indulged.

When it comes to cocktails, the number of calories depends on the drink size, the amount you drink, the proof of alcohol (the higher the alcohol content the more the calories) and the mixers. And it is the mixers like the syrups and sodas which are packed with calories.

To make matters worse, many Hollywood parties serve super sized calorie rich cocktails. Many are disguised under fancy and tempting names like Key Lime Pie Martini, Chocolate Syrup martini or Hot Buttered rum. For most people, it takes only a sip of these drinks and the lust for more is unstoppable.

So how do Celebrities manage to avoid these mouth watering drinks? Simple, they skip the mixers, dilute the drinks with soda water or drink a light beer. In other cases, Celebs simply order a diet soda in a wine glass. The majority of Celebs have many parties to attend and generally eat a light snack before going to the function- the snack keeps them full and also prevents them from getting tipsy- this way on the way home they will still look pretty for cameras. We can all learn from their celebrity beauty secrets, how to stay thin and keep off those unwanted pounds even during the holiday celebrations.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secret

Bioidentical Hormones and Celebrities

What are some of the “not often mentioned” secrets of celebrities of a certain age? Menopause is a difficult time for many women. This passing period is associated with a lot of emotional and physical stress. The sex hormones start to decline, there are changes in behaviors and one starts to feel a little old. So how do celebrities of a certain age at menopause manage to get through menopause without feeling like the rest of us? Does it help the celebrities with their antiaging regimen? Actors such as Suzanne Somers who has written a few books on the subject of bioidentical hormones are actively pursuing their health and wellbeing. In the last few decades there has been a lot of interest in the use of natural or bioidentical hormones as a treatment for menopause. Bioidentical hormones are the exact replica of hormones that are naturally produced in your body.

Bioidentical hormones are available from compounding pharmacies and weaker strengths in many health food stores. The bioidentical hormones that are prescribed by doctors aree custom designed hormones which come in many different formulations. There are both prescription and over the counter hormones available. The need for bioidentical hormones is made by evaluating the saliva for levels of hormone in the body or a blood test of your hormones.

The indications for taking bioidentical hormones include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, preventing osteoporosis, reversing some signs of aged skin, and improving mental and physical well being.

Many celebrities take these bioidentical hormones to improve hormone levels, mental health and physical fitness. The manufactures of these products claim that the hormones are natural and much safer than any of the other synthetic prescription hormones. Even male actors are supplementing with bioidentical hormones such as progesterone and testosterone for their benefits.

The one obvious advantage of bioidentical hormones is that the custom designed formulations can be provided in individualized doses which is not possible with the synthetic prescription hormones. Celebrities who take these bioidentical hormones also claim that the bioidentical hormones make them feel young, boost their energy and improves the quality of the skin.

Recently the FDA has sent a letter to several pharmacies to cease making such formulations and selling them. The FDA has concerns that there is little evidence for the efficacy of these hormones and perhaps they may even contain impurities or contaminants. One should note that all the data on bioidentical hormones are anecdotal and there are no controlled clinical studies or long term safety reports available. The products come in a variety of formulations and the FDA suspects that the quality and quantity of bioidentical hormones may not be safe for human consumption. As a result, bioidentical hormones are now becoming known as biomimetic hormones because they are taken in a biomimetic fashion.

Europeans have been using these bioidentical hormones for many more years and claim that these hormones are effective in relieving symptoms of menopause. Most alternative care practitioners recommend that bioidentical hormones should be used in low doses, for a short duration and must be complimented with changes in diet and lifestyles.

No dealer of these bioidentical hormones recommends that these products be used for long periods or as a cure for aging.

Women who do have breast cancer or even have a family history of breast cancer should be careful about using such products and regularly have their hormone levels checked. If estrogen is used without progesterone this is potentially a factor which can promote the growth of cancer.

The cost of bioidentical hormones is variable in different cities, but one can expect to pay about $60 to $100 a month for these supplements.

Celebrities are using bioidentical hormones now for a solution to their menopausal problems, but ordinary women like you and I are now demanding more natural solutions to their health problems and the use of bioidentical hormones is increasing. This is one of the most hushed up celebrity beauty secrets of male and female actors for retaining their health, wellbeing and attractiveness as they age.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Gwen Stefani Beauty Secrets

Celebrity Beauty Secrets:  Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani’s makeup secrets must count among the most sought after of all celebrity beauty secrets. Her sassy, retro look has literally taken the entire world by storm. Along with her looks she has loads of attitude, which enables her to carry of anything from an outrageous hairstyle to ruby red lipstick with aplomb.

If you are someone who wants to get that Gwen Stefani look, then you will need certain things to start the process. Some of the things that you will need include eyebrow brush, foundation, eyeliner brush, eyeliner pencil, pink gel blusher, lip brush, black mascara and red lipstick. Before you apply the make-up, you need to make sure that you use an eye cream and a good hydrating moisturizer. Then using the eyeliner brush you will need to apply the ‘concealer’ to the eyelids. This will make your eyes look big and attractive, just like those of Gwen Stefani.

You can then work on your lips using a lip liner. You can use it to line the outer corners of your mouth. You can then use a lip brush to blend the outer line with the lips. This is to make sure that you erase any signs of the line. You can then apply the rich red lipstick, topping it with a small amount of lip gloss. While applying the lipstick and lip gloss, make sure that you do not smudge or disturb in any way the lipstick that you have just applied.

Gwen Stefani is known for constantly experimenting with her looks. From her hairstyle to her make-up, she is known to constantly be on the lookout for some kind of a makeover. Although she does experiment with her looks, the rich red lipstick is a constant factor. In fact it has become part of her signature look, come public appearances.

Gwen Stefani is also known to be very particular about using a sunscreen lotion. Growing up in California she used to spend a lot of time in the sun and it is from this experience she picked up the importance of using a good sunscreen lotion. This former lifeguard now wears a sunscreen cream without fail in order to protect her clear porcelain skin. According to her this also helps her to have wrinkle-free skin. Of course, she also takes good care of her body by regularly working out and sticking to a strict diet. If you were to follow all these celebrity beauty secrets, both the celebrity diet secrets and their makeup tips, you too can now look as gorgeous as Gwen Stefani.