Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celebrity Beauty Secrets for Butt Firming

Butt-Firming Secrets

All the rage in Hollywood now for butt firming are running shoes which do the work for you. Celebs are now pounding the pavement using butt firming sneakers by Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoes. These new sneakers promise to tone the core muscles, leg and butt muscles. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Katherine Heigl have been spotted wearing them. These shoes go for about $245.

How do they work? They force the wearer to use more active muscles to walk by way of the squishy soft sole which makes a flat surface feel soft and uneven. This makes walking in these shoes a workout in itself. Hollywood stars are wearing them, believing every little bit helps them to achieve their goals of staying slim, trim and firm.

If you can afford to dish out $245 for these shoes, give them a try. However, a healthy diet and exercise program is the most sensible way to achieve overall fitness and tone. Just wanted to share this beauty tip with you for butt firming that is one of the latest celebrity beauty secrets.

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