Saturday, December 20, 2008

Plastic Surgery Plans for Nicole Kidman

People have always been fascinated about celebrities in general and celebrity beauty secrets in particular. Nicole Kidman is one celebrity who has caught the fancy of millions of fans worldwide, both with her acting skills as well as with her doll like cute looks. Her porcelain skin and figure have fascinated fans around the world. Cosmetic surgery in the form of lip augmentation and rhinoplasty is believed to the secret behind Nicole Kidman’s ever youthful looks. It's another weapon in the anti-aging battle. She is also believed to use Botox injections regularly in order to keep her skin wrinkle free.

Nicole Kidman’s tryst with plastic surgery started when early on in her career she had a nose job done. There are many who believe that her frequent use of Botox injections has led to her rather frigid and expressionless look in public appearances. There are many who also point out to her excessively arched eyebrow, which is known to be caused by excess use of Botox injections.

There is also speculation that Nicole Kidman may have gone under the surgeon’s knife once again in order to get a breast augmentation done. Her recent, somewhat bustier appearances have led to this speculation. The rumors about her breast augmentation started doing the rounds after the 2007 Oscars. She had earlier showed a rather flat chest during her past red carpet appearances. During the 2007 Oscars though, she appeared bustier indicating a possible breast augmentation procedure.

There is also intense speculation that Nicole Kidman is a great fan of lip injections. There have been many times when her lips have looked rather puffier and much larger than what their normal size. The 2007 Oscars was one such occasion when her lips large and puffed up.

However even her worst critics cannot but admire her ability to mix plastic surgery and glamour in the most effective manner possible. She has been looking great in recent times winning the antiaging war. In fact the press has been going gaga over her recent wrinkle-free sight. The tabloids have gone to the extent of even calling her a ‘living doll’. The 40 plus actress looks years younger than her actual age these days and it is something that cannot be denied.

Considering her real age, there are many things such as not having lipstick lines around her mouth, wrinkles on her forehead and crow’s feet around her eyes, is something that defies the very laws of the nature. While a disciplined lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a well-planned diet, along with good genes can give you great looks, there are still certain limitations as to how long such good looks would last. Nicole Kidman is a classic example of celebrity beauty, which is a result of lots of hard work with some visits to the plastic surgeon thrown in good measure.

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