Sunday, December 14, 2008

Celebrity Makeup of Keira Knightley

Like all women, Keira Knightley feels insecure about her looks, even though she is one of the most gorgeous women on the silver screen. She still gets pimples and worries about this a lot. What are her celebrity beauty secrets we can share with you? We have some ideas of her celebrity make up routine, where you can achieve the same great look as Keira. You would also be surprised at some of the bargain basement prices she pays for some of her moisturizing creams.

For moisturizing her skin she uses Nivea, an inexpensive cream originally made in England. When she wants to present a glowing, slightly suntanned complexion, she is known to use Nivea Sun Touch to get that perfect glowing color, a great beauty tip for dull skin from one of the great beauties of the cinema. For an exfoliator, she uses Garnier Pure Deep Pore Wash to slough off the dead skin cells and get a deep down cleansing.

Keira’s makeup look of pale flawless skin comes from a good foundation with a semi matte finish that looks natural. You can experiment with Maybelline’s Wonder Finish foundation or True Match by L’Oreal Paris. Use an eye concealer before applying the foundation, use tiny dots from lid to brow. This helps eye makeup to last longer. Your eyebrows should not be over plucked but retain their natural arch. Pluck only your stray eyebrow hairs.

Blush with an English rose blush suitable for your skin color. To attain Keira’s look, use a cream blusher so you do not end up with a powdery finish. To get Keira’s, sexy pouting lips, keep your lips in good condition by moisturizing them all the time. Outline the lips with an lip pencil in the same tone as the gloss you are going to use. Use a neutral gloss or one with a hint of rose or beige tone to get that pouting look.

For Keira’s eye makeup which gives her eyes a smoky – smouldering look, Line the eyes first with a black kohl eye pencil, close to the eyelashes, both on the top and bottom eyelashes, close to the lash line. Choose an eyeshadow color in dark brown, deep plum or black charcoal. With a firm eye shadow brush, gently go over the kohl eye pencil line, blending and smudging the line. In the outer corner of the eyes, do a side ways “v” and remember to blend, blend, blend. Layer on some dark black mascara and viola! You get the same sexy hot look as Keira.

These are some of the amazing celebrity makeup tricks that Keira Knightley uses to get herself ready for the red carpet. Watch for this celebrity beauty in her next upcoming film.

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