Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jessica Alba and Her Secret Tatoos

Jessica Alba’s is one famous personality whose celebrity beauty secrets are among the most sought after these days. This stunning actress has a figure to die for and matches it with loads of attitude. One of the famous and distinguishing features of Jessica Alba is her ability to stand out from the crowd. Take for example the number of tattoos that she has on different parts of her body. The tattoos have been chosen carefully and not of the run of the mill variety.

She has one Sanskrit symbol ‘padma’ tattooed on her wrist. This symbol actually denotes the lotus flower. In Hinduism, the lotus flower is considered the symbol of the highest spiritual development. The lotus flower according to the Hindu religion is the symbol of purity for although the plant has its roots in muddy lakes or ponds; it still manages to rise above it and flower. Jessica Alba is known to be particularly inclined towards most things spiritual and this would perhaps explain her fondness for the particular symbol tattooed on her wrist.

One of the biggest turn offs about being a celebrity lies in being chased by the tabloids all the time. They are forever on the lookout for juicy copies to sell their ware. Celebrity tattoos have in recent times become a constant source of news to the paparazzi. Almost every celebrity worth his or her name is not averse to flaunting the latest tattoos. Jessica Alba is among the most sought after names when it comes to celebrity tattoos.

Jessica Alba, apart from the tattoo on her wrist has one on the back of her neck. The tattoo which is actually a design of a daisy along with a ladybug is has caught the attention of people wherever she goes. In fact it is so popular that her neck has now become a place that is among the most photographed these days.

Jessica Alba also has a tattoo of a bow on her lower back which is another area of the body where most of the celebrities these days seem to have tattoos. Think of Angelina Jolie, another star who loves her tatoos. Another interesting thing about all of Jessica Alba’s tattoos is that although they are present on the most noticeable parts of the body, they would hardly get noticed in the first glance. In fact you will need to take a closer look at her in order to locate all the tattoos that she has. With a little bit of imagination, you too can try out the celebrity beauty secrets of Jessica Alba and make heads turn.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Plastic Surgery Plans for Nicole Kidman

People have always been fascinated about celebrities in general and celebrity beauty secrets in particular. Nicole Kidman is one celebrity who has caught the fancy of millions of fans worldwide, both with her acting skills as well as with her doll like cute looks. Her porcelain skin and figure have fascinated fans around the world. Cosmetic surgery in the form of lip augmentation and rhinoplasty is believed to the secret behind Nicole Kidman’s ever youthful looks. It's another weapon in the anti-aging battle. She is also believed to use Botox injections regularly in order to keep her skin wrinkle free.

Nicole Kidman’s tryst with plastic surgery started when early on in her career she had a nose job done. There are many who believe that her frequent use of Botox injections has led to her rather frigid and expressionless look in public appearances. There are many who also point out to her excessively arched eyebrow, which is known to be caused by excess use of Botox injections.

There is also speculation that Nicole Kidman may have gone under the surgeon’s knife once again in order to get a breast augmentation done. Her recent, somewhat bustier appearances have led to this speculation. The rumors about her breast augmentation started doing the rounds after the 2007 Oscars. She had earlier showed a rather flat chest during her past red carpet appearances. During the 2007 Oscars though, she appeared bustier indicating a possible breast augmentation procedure.

There is also intense speculation that Nicole Kidman is a great fan of lip injections. There have been many times when her lips have looked rather puffier and much larger than what their normal size. The 2007 Oscars was one such occasion when her lips large and puffed up.

However even her worst critics cannot but admire her ability to mix plastic surgery and glamour in the most effective manner possible. She has been looking great in recent times winning the antiaging war. In fact the press has been going gaga over her recent wrinkle-free sight. The tabloids have gone to the extent of even calling her a ‘living doll’. The 40 plus actress looks years younger than her actual age these days and it is something that cannot be denied.

Considering her real age, there are many things such as not having lipstick lines around her mouth, wrinkles on her forehead and crow’s feet around her eyes, is something that defies the very laws of the nature. While a disciplined lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a well-planned diet, along with good genes can give you great looks, there are still certain limitations as to how long such good looks would last. Nicole Kidman is a classic example of celebrity beauty, which is a result of lots of hard work with some visits to the plastic surgeon thrown in good measure.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Celebrity Makeup of Keira Knightley

Like all women, Keira Knightley feels insecure about her looks, even though she is one of the most gorgeous women on the silver screen. She still gets pimples and worries about this a lot. What are her celebrity beauty secrets we can share with you? We have some ideas of her celebrity make up routine, where you can achieve the same great look as Keira. You would also be surprised at some of the bargain basement prices she pays for some of her moisturizing creams.

For moisturizing her skin she uses Nivea, an inexpensive cream originally made in England. When she wants to present a glowing, slightly suntanned complexion, she is known to use Nivea Sun Touch to get that perfect glowing color, a great beauty tip for dull skin from one of the great beauties of the cinema. For an exfoliator, she uses Garnier Pure Deep Pore Wash to slough off the dead skin cells and get a deep down cleansing.

Keira’s makeup look of pale flawless skin comes from a good foundation with a semi matte finish that looks natural. You can experiment with Maybelline’s Wonder Finish foundation or True Match by L’Oreal Paris. Use an eye concealer before applying the foundation, use tiny dots from lid to brow. This helps eye makeup to last longer. Your eyebrows should not be over plucked but retain their natural arch. Pluck only your stray eyebrow hairs.

Blush with an English rose blush suitable for your skin color. To attain Keira’s look, use a cream blusher so you do not end up with a powdery finish. To get Keira’s, sexy pouting lips, keep your lips in good condition by moisturizing them all the time. Outline the lips with an lip pencil in the same tone as the gloss you are going to use. Use a neutral gloss or one with a hint of rose or beige tone to get that pouting look.

For Keira’s eye makeup which gives her eyes a smoky – smouldering look, Line the eyes first with a black kohl eye pencil, close to the eyelashes, both on the top and bottom eyelashes, close to the lash line. Choose an eyeshadow color in dark brown, deep plum or black charcoal. With a firm eye shadow brush, gently go over the kohl eye pencil line, blending and smudging the line. In the outer corner of the eyes, do a side ways “v” and remember to blend, blend, blend. Layer on some dark black mascara and viola! You get the same sexy hot look as Keira.

These are some of the amazing celebrity makeup tricks that Keira Knightley uses to get herself ready for the red carpet. Watch for this celebrity beauty in her next upcoming film.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celebrity Beauty Secrets for Butt Firming

Butt-Firming Secrets

All the rage in Hollywood now for butt firming are running shoes which do the work for you. Celebs are now pounding the pavement using butt firming sneakers by Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoes. These new sneakers promise to tone the core muscles, leg and butt muscles. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Katherine Heigl have been spotted wearing them. These shoes go for about $245.

How do they work? They force the wearer to use more active muscles to walk by way of the squishy soft sole which makes a flat surface feel soft and uneven. This makes walking in these shoes a workout in itself. Hollywood stars are wearing them, believing every little bit helps them to achieve their goals of staying slim, trim and firm.

If you can afford to dish out $245 for these shoes, give them a try. However, a healthy diet and exercise program is the most sensible way to achieve overall fitness and tone. Just wanted to share this beauty tip with you for butt firming that is one of the latest celebrity beauty secrets.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed | Angelina Jolie

One of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood today would have to be Angelina Jolie. Just what exactly are her celebrity beauty secrets besides “good genes”? Angelina Jolie was born on July 4, 1975 as Angelina Jolie Voight. She is a well known American film actor and also known for her humanitarian and caring character. Angelina is also posted as the Goodwill Ambassador assigned to the UN Refugee Agency. She has been recognized to be one of the Beautiful women of the world and also has bagged several awards including two Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and even the Academy Award.

She is known for her figure maintenance and everlasting beauty keeping her young and glowing always. You might be thinking about the real beauty secrets of Angelina Jolie which keeps her youthful after giving birth to three children. With her magnificent shape and structure, Jolie has revealed the secrets to her beautiful skin, hair and looks to various media outside. Practicing these might surely turn out to be a positive sign for those who are looking out for those great looks even after delivery of a baby.

One of her greatest beauty secrets is her ever loving family filled with loving, caring children and husband. Still, there are other secrets too as she explained that she depended on Garlic, Ginger Root and Yoga to get back to shape and also to remain slim and fit always. Scientists prove that ginger is the best medicine to cure out upset stomachs and also to settle out indigestion in any way possible. Even though the proofs are not out yet, many of them even talk about the effect of ginger roots on fighting against cholesterol thus lowering it. There are evidences to prove that garlic acts to be the perfect blend across cough, cold and even cholesterol. The final term is yoga which of course is the natural way to a healthy mind, body and soul. This has been the perfect combination helping Angelina Jolie to remain young as always.

She also talks about her weight gain during and after her pregnancy as she has lot of ice-creams and pizzas getting in while she was carrying. Her love for such junk foods of course added up the extra calories which made her add up pounds. After caesarian of her twins in the third delivery, she had put up weight and also belly.

Angelina reveals that continuous breast feeding of her twins has completely helped her in losing up the additional pounds and thus assisting her to remain in shape as ever before. She also reveals another of her celebrity beauty secrets that exercise with her children is the best calorie burner ever. Jolie loves to run and play with her seven kids for their mutual enjoyment and also to remain fit, smart, stunning, sexy and beautiful always.