Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrity Diet Secrets

Do I have to share this celebrity beauty secret with you?

It’s the latest diet trend the young celebrities are following just to look good in front of the camera – a near starvation diet which could be a severe health risk. However, what do they care? So what's the latest celebrity diet secret?

This latest diet involves eating next to nothing and drinking only caffeine and energy drinks just to keep a level of energy up. Does this celebrity diet secret work? Well, yes, if you like to look like a concentration camp victim. I suppose clothes drape well on these prisoners of Hollywood, but I don’t like the look. Clothes are looking kinda like what they look like on a clothes hanger.

A healthy diet for losing weight should consist of, if you are counting calories – about 1200 calories a day. If you are dieting with low carbohydrates, eat no more than 78 carbs a day. Those diets work, but what we might be dealing with here in Hollywood is a lot of cases of extreme anorexia. Whatever!!!!!!!

The long term consequences of this new diet is brittle bones, dry, dull, broken hair, thin papery skin and major damage to your organs, but what do they care – ya can’t see the organs, they’re inside. Severe starvation also causes heart attacks, comas, liver and kidney failure. Hmmm…. Is it worth wasting away? Dunno, it’s up to you.

I like the stars who manage to answer the reporters who question their rapid severe weightloss with answers such as, I’ve been stressed lately or I have a high metabolism. Ya, whatever! Geesh!

Eva Herzigova used to look so good, formerly nice breasts, nice enough to be a "Wonderbra" model. She's lost so much weight and lost those nice boobs and now she needs to get breast implants to get back to her former beauty.

Tori Spelling has lost so much weight, she's like the rest of those diet queens, looking a tad freakish! Me, jealous? NOT!!!!!

Lara Flynn Boyle - all I can say is: Eat something for god's sake!!!!!!!!!!

I guess if you have unlimited cash, you figure you can always fix the after effects that severe dieting inflicts on your body with plastic surgery, maybe a little organ donation ‘ll do ya, too. Me thinks, they look awful. Not a celebrity beauty secret I really wanna share with you. But if you’re looking for celebrity diet secrets, well, I guess this is one of them.

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