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Kristen Stewart's Beauty Secrets

celebrity beauty secrets - Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson's amore and co-star Kristen Stewart has some celebrity beauty secrets we'd all like to get a hold of. Here are some of the makeup tricks she uses to help with her beautiful sultry look. This article comes from A Twilight Kiss dot com.

"Foundation of Coolness First, Beau Nelson acknowledged the material of coolness he had to work with.

This was my first time working with Kristen Stewart, who by the way, is SUCH a cool girl!
The Valentino Dress A stylist is a liaison between the actor and the fashion designers, and, picks out the best choices for his client, after consultation, of course; so, I was surprised that there was no mention of a stylist among the group members. Do we assume that her assistant, John, took care of borrowing and returning the dresses? Also, there’s no mention whether Kristen got to keep the Valentino dress.

Together with the hair stylist and Kristen’s assistant John, we decided on the dress. After watching Kristen try on a few, we all felt the Valentino was special and different from what she has been seen in before.

The Haircut Although there was a lot of speculation that Kristen Stewart cut her hair at the back, it was actually the front that had a trim.

Kristen has been growing her hair out since her Joan Jett movie and superstar hairstylist and Pantene spokesperson Hallie Bowman from The Wall Group decided to trim Kristen’s bangs to make sure they were not too long and in her eyes.

The Hidden Rosy Glow There was one detail of her makeup routine that is unusual. Beau Nelson described the process.

I had a vision for her look: pale skin with burgundy smoky eyes. I applied a mix of Flouron and Harlot Liqui-gel stain from my line Beauté to the apple of the cheeks, using my finger tips.
I used a little more than I really thought was needed, so that when I applied Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Nude over it that it would be muted and look like it were coming from within

The Kissable Lips If there is one product in her makeup arsenal that can be used by everyone, I think it would be the pink beige lipstick that tinted the lips of Kristen Stewart

Lips were a pink-beige gloss called Medusa from Beauté which Kristen happily took with her to the show to reapply!

Uhm… With a product name like Medusa, was its effect as stony hard as its mythological counterpart? And, how many times, I wonder, did Kristen Stewart have to reapply her lipstick due to one love struck Robert Pattinson?"
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