Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stars Cosmetic Surgery Beauty Secrets

celebrity beauty secrets - catherine deneuve
Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani’s Cosmetic Surgery Secrets

Let’s ask a few questions here. Has Catherine Deneuve had cosmetic surgery? At first I thought not, but Honey, OF COURSE SHE HAS!!! Catherine has said that when a woman reaches a certain age, you have to choose between your face or your fanny… in other words, you have to be ready to trade your face over your butt. ... This holds true because really thin women do not age well and their faces become scrawny and sunken and all the wrinkles show. Of course, when you are older, keep a little bit of fat on you, but don’t overdo the fat intake.
celebrity beauty secrets - isabelle adjani
Where shall we start with Catherine Deneuve? What has she had done? Cheeks? YES. Lips? Absolutely. Botox on forehead? Tons!! Nasial folds redone? Of course. Do we reproach her for having so much work done to her face? No, not really because she is best known for her looks, more than her acting chops. I It must be very difficult to have to age in the spot light, no longer being the object of desire that you were once so long ago… where you were every man’s eyes..and every woman’s envy....

Now, have you seen Isabelle Adjani lately? HER FACELIFT, IS SCARY!!

We ask, why can’t women age gracefully – stars such as: Judy Dench, Helen Mirren, Jeanne Moreau, Isabelle Huppert and Meredity Baxter.- 63 years old and look at her, wrinkled but glowing, Just RADIANT!

One of the reasons some of these Hollywood stars are unable to avoid going under the knife or lifting their faces up to the God of collagen injections is that they have spent at least a decade in front of the cameras, in the public’s eyes as sex symbols, as screen goddesses, as objects of desire. Growing old is extremely difficult for them to have to witness daily their fading beauty in the mirror exactly because of these reasons.

Long ago in the days before Botox, one legendary beauty of the screen, named Greta Garbo, chose to retire and remove herself from the public eye with the famous quote, “I vant to be alone.” She did not wish to have her adoring public watch as her own magnificent beauty faded.
Celebrities these days want to stay young looking forever. Some succeed and some go overboard, becoming, in a way, objects of ridicule. For example, someone who doesn’t even need the Botox yet has gone overboard and someone should tell her to SLOW DOWN, GIRL! That woman is Nicole Kidman who has ended up looking like a frozen wax doll.

One has to wonder what Catherine Deneuve would have looked like without having all the enhancements done to her face. After all, she has great bone structure to begin with. Her lips have been overdone. We also wonder about Isabelle Adjani who has also done too much to her face. She also had great bone structure but has had her nose done, her teeth done, cheek implants and collagen injections in the lips. Her cheeks, lip and nose do NOT look right and, in a way, look so unnatural as to be called scary.

So if there’s any celebrity beauty secret to share here with you, it’s okay (everyone in Hollywood is doing it) to get cosmetic surgery done. However, DON’T OVERDO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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