Friday, April 10, 2009

Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets

Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets : OprahAcai Berry is one the latest fat loss secrets of celebrities. This is another product that is endorsed by celebrities. We all know that when a celebrity endorses a product, people will race to buy it. Daytime TV’s Oprah Winfrey was recently introduced to the Acai berry supplement and raved about this new weight loss supplement on her show. Celebrities from Oprah to Rachel Ray are now using this weight loss supplement to assist in losing weight, gaining energy and for cleansing purpose.

Dr. Nicolas Perricone introduced Oprah to Acai berry supplements when he appeared on her television show discussing the top ten “superfoods”. He mentioned the Acai berry which comes from the Amazonian rainforests as the number one super food. It is also known as MonaVie which is derived from the Acai berry. He has done a lot of research on the Acai berry and published his findings in his book entitled "The Perricone Promise", where he explains the benefits of ingesting Acai berry.

Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss struggles are publicly known. She endorsed the Acai berry as a safe weightloss supplement because it is safe and natural and can benefit everyone.

It is not cheap but it is effective. Acai berry is a unique tasting fruit much like an exotic grape. The taste is refreshing. These berries are high in nutrients and antioxidants which can cleanse your body and making you more motivated to do physical activities. You will feel more energetic which makes you feel like exercising more. We all know that diet alone is not enough to help you lose weight, you must get moving and you must exercise. Exercise has many benefits, as it not only causes weight lost and tones your muscles, but benefits your heart and health and happiness in numerous ways.

The Acai berry’s pulp is tasty to eat and high in fibre. The most common way to have Acai berry is as a weight loss supplement. Constipation is reduced. Just consuming this weight loss supplement causes many people to lose from five to 25 pounds a month on average. The metabolism runs faster with Acai and food is processed faster through the system with the result of preventing fat from building up. Thus, its benefits as a weight loss supplement.

Added benefits of the acai berry are that it has 30 times more anthocyanin than red wine and is rich in vitamins and minerals and therefore can replace many high caloried foods. As far as protein is concerned, it has as much protein as an egg.

Of course, eating fresh acai berries is the best way to consume these berries, but you can also get it in the form of juice, powder or extracts. You can also drink Acai berry as a tea. It leaves a soothing feeling in the stomach after you drink the fruit flavoured tea or juice.

Now you know all about this weight loss secret which has been shared with all daytime TV viewers. Oprah who loves Acai berries, of course, didn’t want to keep this little celebrity fat loss secret to herself because it’s of benefit to everyone who struggles with their weight on a daily basis.

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