Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cate Blanchett’s Celebrity Skin and Makeup Tips

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Cate Blanchette
One will always notice the beautiful skin and makeup on celebrity beauty Cate Blanchette, one of the most talented actresses on the silver screen. Just how do you get the same porcelain look as Cate? Almost 40 years old, she is still looking ethereal and fabulous in every role she plays. Words you can always associate with her look include, classy, refined and elegant.

Her delicate white skin is definitely one of her assets and her skin is something the camera just loves. She uses products which are rich in antioxidants, wrinkle preventing peptides and vitamins A, C and E. Find a product that will soak the skin in moisture, hydrate and smooth the skin and promote cell turnover. L’Oreal Paris makes such products – their Derma Genesis line contains all of these ingredients for the best in skincare.

Of course to totally take care of your skin, you must protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun which are the number one cause of premature aging. Use a strong sunblock whenever you go outside.

For that porcelain look she is famous for, use a good long lasting foundation and an ultra fine matt facial power which will help achieve the same flawless look.

For evenings, her celebrity makeup secrets include the use of shimmering eyeshadows which high light facial features. Use metallic shades for the eyes in bronzes, greys, golds and blues. Line the eyes first with a dark eye liner around the eyes and then work in the metallic shimmers. Use a lighter gold or pale white on the brow bone. For you cheeks, use a slightly shimmering blush, but keep it subtle and well-blended.

Cate Blanchett's lips are well defined with a lip pencil and a deep long lasting color in the evenings. Think of berry, ruby or dark pink shiny lip gloss. And remember, to achieve this celebrity makeup look of Cate Blanchette, remember the most important thing of all makeup applications; blend, blend, blend!

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