Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Suzanne Somers Health and Beauty Secrets

Celebrity beauty secrets - Suzanne Somers
At 62 years old, celebrity Suzanne Somers looks fabulous, but how much of this is real? What are her beauty secrets? Granted, some of her good looks can be attributed to good genes. We also know from her books that she uses bioidentical hormones which are known to improve wellbeing and deal with the symptoms of menopause and fight other problems associated with aging. Suzanne is a living example of anti-aging at its best.

We also know that she eats a healthy diet, has a regular exercise routine of yoga and keeps herself active and participating fully in life. She is busy promoting eternal youth, house and health care products and she takes nutritional supplements, vitamins – quite a lot in fact and natural hormone supplementation and injections. It is most likely that she uses her most famous exercise product which she promotes – The Thigh Master.

Also, we do know that she is not actually against plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. She agrees with the use of Botox and collagen injections which she has stated in her book, “Ageless”. However, she does not agree with getting too much done and that your goals should be to look natural.

She also has a good haircut and uses makeup properly. She is not trying to look like 25 years old. She is looking like herself and she is well done. She dresses her age and avoids looking frumpy.

Judging from photos, it looks like she has had some facial plastic surgery, including a browlift, blepharoplasty and a possible facelift. No doubt she has also had some fillers such as Botox and some collagen injections in the lips. Her face is firm probably due to a facelift. There is fullness in her cheeks, likely because of cosmetic fillers. And why not? She wants to retain her good looks, she is a public figure and lastly, she can afford it.

She takes care of her body from the inside – out. By eating correctly and eating real foods, limiting her caffeine and alcohol intake, exercising and taking bioidentical hormones, she is taking care of her health. In her book, “Ageless”, she reports that she takes the following nutritional supplements:

Calcium – for strong bones
Vitamin C – 1000 mg daily
St. John’s Wort – for its ability to calm
Vitamin E
Glucosamine – for the joints and cartilage
CoQ10 – for the heart
White tea extract
Smoke Shield – to guard against environmental pollution
Reishi Mushroom

I think Suzanne Somers looks great for her age. If we follow her routine and her healthy lifestyle, we can all look this good at 62. Really, her beauty secrets are no secret at all but rather the result of taking care of oneself, from the inside out.

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